Meet My Hedgehogs Pt. 1

Hey Epic Geeks,

I’ve been promising a hedgehog name reveal for months and I’m so, so sorry that it’s been delayed so long. I really wanted to do a giveaway with it which is why it’s been delayed and I still don’t have that finished and put together … but I can’t stand not saying my babies’ names. I have two hedgehogs. I can’t just say my male and my female. It kills me!

Im So So Sorry

Instead, you get two “Meet My Hedgehog” posts AND a giveaway. How about that? Sounds like a win-win situation to me … well, kind of. Just a six month delay!

Anyway, the name hints are … Marvel. Female. Blue.

Now look at this little babyyyyy … awwwww

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Drum roll please …


And now, she’s my chunk!

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Mystique was born on May 25th. She loves to run on her wheel. She refuses to eat treats. She’ll lick them, maybe take a nibble and then huff at me. Meal worms freak her out because how dare I give her something that moves. She is truly a prissy princess that knows her own value.


Mystique loves Saturday afternoons more than any other day even though she is nocturnal during the week. I’m really not sure why Saturdays and Sundays she gets super active but it’s probably because I’m home … or because she likes being able to help me wake Zach up. Warm bed cuddles are probably the best ever. I get the cutest pictures and videos then!


This past Saturday, we were playing on the floor with a blanket down. I blocked off the couch so she wouldn’t try to disappear underneath. Eventually, she discovered the bookshelf and was having an absolute blast finding crevices on the lowest shelf that even I didn’t know existed. Apparently I need to dust more because when I pulled her out, she had a little tuft of Neko (my adorable kitty) fur on her back foot!

I post a ton of pictures over on my instagram. Go follow me @Epicfied for all of the hedgie pictures!


In the meantime, keep calm and stay epic,


  • Mariah Kaercher

    That’s super cute! 🙂

  • Kay

    Eeeee what a cutie pie! We got to hold and snuggle some baby hedgehogs earlier this year and they are irresistible.

    • I absolutely love them. My love for hedgehogs started in Kindergarten and I love hat I finally have them now. Once you have them in your life, you cannot NOT have them. <3

    • I love them so much. I first held a hedgehog in Kindergarten and fell in love. I am so excited to finally own hedgehogs. Once you have hedgehogs in your life, you cannot NOT have them. <3

  • Soooo cute! My sister is so jealous! She absolutely adores hedgehogs.

    • Thank you!

      Awwww, they’re so adorable and I love them so much. Both of my babies are definitely worth it. Just have to know all the facts/ how to take care of them. <3