Nerdy Items I Want pt. 1 (Doctor Who Edition)

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Sorry for the lack of a Fandom Friday Q&A. I have been so busy with setting everything up that I didn’t post questions.

This post, still nerdy, is inspired by Emma over at Scruffy Little Nerd Herder who does a “Geek Picks of the Week”.

First, I want River Song’s Journal … $12.63

Doctor Who River Song's TARDIS Journal

A Tardis Purse would be absolutely amazing. This one is only $39.99 and isn’t too obnoxious for daily use (I’m the “give me a black purse” kind of gal).

Tardis Purse

I got Zach Monopoly, World of Warcraft Collector’s Edition so it’s only fair that I get Doctor Who CLUE.
I mean, look at that amazing board. It was Strax with the Sonic Screwdriver on Gallifrey!

Doctor Who Clue

There are actually three different cups I want; a travel mug, a ceramic mug, and a tumbler cup.

Doctor Who Mug  Tardis Travel MugDoctor Who Tumbler

Two last items this time around. Obviously, I cannot sum up EVERY Doctor Who items I want (I’m sure there will be a part two).
But I’ll finish up with a couple Dalek items.

First, my fellow Geek Gals that blog will be proud… I want the Dalek Funk POP figure which is only $9.35

Dalek Funko

The last item I’ll mention is the adorable plush Dalek! It talks and I’ve heard some stories… don’t sleep with it or you’ll have an exterminating alarm clock.

Dalek Plush


That’s all for today and thanks for staying with me. I hope you enjoy these items as much as I would and look forward to next weeks Fandom Friday Q&A.

Bonus Item:

I’m not one for the “adult coloring books”. I have nothing against it. Honestly, I’ve never even tried. I know a lot of people who do.
So here’s a Doctor Who Coloring book.

Keep Calm,



  • Awesome items!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 I want like, all of these too!!! 😉

    • Aren’t they so wonderful? I would absolutely love all of them. They’re just adorable and I’d actually use them!

  • Ari

    That plush dalek is weirdly cute!

    • Yes! If this is the one that I’m thinking, it yells “Exterminate”. There’s a story somewhere online (I probably saw it on Tumblr) where it was laying on a girls bed, and she rolled over and woke up to “EXTERMINATE, EXTERMINATE” hahaha

  • Great items – love the journal 🙂

    • Thank you! I’d probably do it River Song style as well… Drawings and words, etc. (:
      It’d be like an extended draw my life haha.

  • Want. All. Of. These. Please. and. THank. You. 🙂

    • Right? There’s soooo many others that I want as well.There will definitely be a part two Doctor Who wise!

  • That journal is amazing, I’d love to try and make one myself. I’d love the colouring book too!

    • I love the journal but I definitely am more of a DIY person… Ooooh… Brilliant idea… make a little mini one… and read my wedding vows out of it… That would be just… amazing.

      Ironically, my Easter Basket had a coloring book in it, though not a Doctor Who one.

  • I have that Dalek Pop! It’s uber cute! And I’m totally in love with that Dr. Who coloring book. Great list!

    • Awwww, I want it! Thanks! I have wanted most of those items for a long while now, some I just stumbled upon recently.