New year, BETTER me! (goals and challenges)

Hey Epic Geeks,

The new year is here and I’m sure you all are sick of seeing these posts but I’m here to give you another one. I’m sharing all of my goals and challenges that I hope to achieve throughout the year, but with a twist. I’ll be breaking them down into a few categories so you can skip through to what you’re interested in. Feel free to join me in any of them and let me know how you’re doing!

Some of these goals and challenges are completely personal and set by me. However, the “twist” I mentioned above comes in because I created a post in an amazing Facebook post in a supportive group called Geek Girls x Bloggers. Instead of setting my own New Year’s resolutions, I asked all of the lovely ladies there, “2017–what should I work on to be a better me?”. I received so many amazing responses and some great discussions were started. I will link to everyone’s blog next to who suggested which goal or challenged me!




– Challenge: Write more book reviews, at least three a month. (Katy of Oh So Geeky)

– Goal: Start a Book YouTube channel. <- which I’ve done … you can find it here

– Challenge: Learn coding, HTML and C++. (Dee of Princess Deia)

– Goal: See if I enjoy recording audio books.

– Goal: Expand RedBubble shop.

– Goal: Create an email list/subscription.

– Goal: Do at least one giveaway.



– Challenge: Learn to write like Sarah J. Maas. Study her sentence structure. Practice writing short scenes/stories with the same structure. (Hannah of Between the Lines Editorial)

– Challenge: Write short stories outside of my comfort zone. (Pepi of depepi)

– Goal: Fill an entire sketchbook.

– Goal: Discover/learn new mediums.

– Goal: Read 75 books.

– Challenge: Complete NaNoWriMo this year.



– Goal: Try to drink 100 oz of water every day! I don’t always hit this but that’s why it’s a goal. (:

– Goal: Start practicing Kung Fu San Soo more frequently again. (Jessica of The Nifty Nerd)

– Goal: Have less “down” days. I know I will still have depression but I want to try to have less bad days this year!

– Goal: Acquire a therapist/counselor. (Hannah of Cats and Coffee)

– Challenge: Take more selfies for self confidence! (Kaitlin of Vivacious Hobo)

– Goal: Eat out/ordering in less, “limit” 4 times a month

– Goal: Hit my step goal of 8k a day and eventually increase it to 10k a day.

– Goal: Do yoga more frequently/try out a few yoga studios, maybe 3 times a week?

– Challenge: Try aerial yoga! I found a local studio that has aerial yoga and I’m so excited to try it. BUT that means I need to get more flexible and get the moves and actual yoga down pat to be more comfortable in trying aerial yoga.

– Challenge: Be more social. For more people this doesn’t seem like much, but for me/my mental health, this is huge.



I strongly encourage you all to try out any of these goals and challenges with me! I’ll try to do a check in every three or six months to let you know how I’m doing! Keep in touch with me on my social media, which is in the side bar, throughout the year.

What are your goals and challenges this year?


In the mean time, keep calm and stay epic,




  • I love a lot of these and think I should steal some! I did yoga for a while and just kind of stopped. It would be good if I picked it up again.

    • PLEASE DO. I would love you to join me on some of these. We can keep each other motivated. (:

      There is nothing more motivating than having someone doing it with you. <3

      • I’m scared to commit! I’m already procrastinating my two freelance jobs. xD

        • Just DO it. Don’t be scared to commit. You’re already married. 😉

  • Mariah Kaercher

    Going out to eat is one of my tough ones. I’m trying hard not to spend as much money on food (besides groceries)

    • I enjoy cooking and I love homemade food. Not to mention eating “crap” food makes my migraines worse therefore I really need to avoid it even more than anything else. SO I’m trying to push that even more and really push it as an incentive. It will save us money, make us healthier, and also make us enjoy it THAT much more. I think if you look at it that way as well then maybe it will make it “easier”?

      So maybe slowly cut it out more. Go grocery shopping more often so you always have food in the house to cook. (:

  • Kay

    Great goals! Daily yoga has made such a positive impact on my mental health; I hope you find success from it! Aerial yoga sounds so cool. Best of luck with your goals!

    • Thanks! I really want to do daily yoga but I keep failing at remembering, heh. I have done some office yoga, and that’s relaxed me at work. I really want to do aerial yoga though, it looks incredibly fun, if you’ve ever watched videos. Thank you! <3

  • Yay! That’s an amazing list of goals! 🙂 I hope you can make them come true! ALL OF THEM (obviously rooting for the one I suggested :p )

    • Thanks! I’m definitely trying. I’ve noticed I’ve been writing more and I’m really curious where yours will bring me because there’s a lot out of my comfort zone to be honest. Romance, intense violence, copying styles (which Hannah also said), fanfiction (even though I used to), and many other things. I could do SO much!