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October Wrap Up | 2017

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Hey Epic Geeks,

Another month down and not enough books conquered for my Goodread’s yearly goal.  As of today, I’m 14 books behind schedule! Sounds like I need to hammer down on a read-a-thon. I’ve busy with a lot of work as well as some beta reading. Unfortunately, those don’t count towards my October wrap up or my Goodread’s goal!

In the month of October, I only read two books. Yes. Two. I still haven’t finished The Night Circus. BUT I’m sure I will by the end of November, especially if you join me in my Goodread’s book club or Facebook group!  I hope to have a live book chat about it as well as a full review!

Nevernight by Jay Kristoph

The first book I read this month was Nevernight by Jay Kristoph. I think I found a new author love because this book was amazing. I had heard great things about Jay but definitely didn’t expect this. I cannot wait to dive deeper into his works.

Nevernight follows Mia Corvere, the daughter of an executed traitor. Mia is an apprentice to become one of the best assassins after she was accepted into the Red Church, one of the deadliest groups of assassins, and trains to finish initiation. She competes against students in combat, poison, and the art of seduction. Few friends are made. Every assassin left fighting for themselves, especially when a killer is loose in the halls of the Church. Who is it? Who would dare? Will Mia survive initiation or will she die trying.

Nevernight received a 5-star rating from me. It was a great listen on audiobook but I’ve been told it’s a little bit of a complicated read. It might not the easiest to read just a chapter at the time or if you are looking for a relaxing read. I do, however, suggest listening to the audiobook because it was done beautifully.

Grave Witch by Kalayna Price

With October here, I was feeling witchy. I wanted to sit down and read an urban fantasy and allow myself to seep into the magic world on top of our own. Grave Witch by Kalayna Price satisfied that need.

Grave Witch follows Alex Craft in her journey solving a case. Alex is a weird witch, specializing in grave magic. She works side by side as a private investigator and consultant for the police. Her day turned for the worst when a shade she rose attacked her, when normally docile, and then was shot at, injuring her police counterpart. A homicide detective, Falin, takes over and allows her on his case when he discovers she knows more than she’s letting on. In this roller coaster of an urban fantasy, we meet death, dark magic, and dangerous magic.

I gave Grave Witch a 3.5-star rating. I really enjoyed it and it was the relaxing, cozy read I was looking for while also being eventful. This was Kalayna’s first novel, published in 2010, and it shows. Some of the writing felt like writing rather than engulfing me in the world. I still really enjoyed the book though and will continue on with the series.


Overall, I really enjoyed what I read this month and hope that November is more fulfilling, even though I’m participating in NaNoWriMo.

What did you read in October? Anything worth recommending?

What book genres do you reach for in the fall months?

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In the meantime, keep calm and stay epic,