Once upon a time… (Welcome to my Fairy Tale)

That’s how they all start, right? Life is a fairy tale… but they might not be all the children’s books make them seem. My fairy tale starts with the broken curse and ends with “happily ever after”… hopefully. So far… here’s my fairy tale.


Everyone’s had that feeling of being in the mundane life … But you stick to it because that’s what you know, that’s what you own. That was my high school life. Towards the end, I realized it was a curse, not the dream I had wished it to be. I tried to break it, but I was making very slow progress. I had struggles and slowly I was starting to get somewhere… I think? I made more friends. I got away from toxicity. And then, I met him… my prince charming.


This wasn’t the first time I had met him. We had been friends for a long time… We had gamed together over and over again. We talked. We had times that we’d not seen or talked in a while… It always seemed to pick up where it left off the last time. He’d always be in my life, I definitely knew that. But we were always friends, that’s all. Both of us in relationships prior. For some reason, this time was different. We both gave in to the thought of maybe… just maybe, this could work…


Sadly, he lived five hours away and I was still finishing up my senior year of high school. We talked… I talked him into coming to my graduation (and that didn’t take much persuasion). He made the trip down to Southern Illinois, and that’s when my true fairy tale started.


That first night, we laid in bed, fully clothed… and kissed. The world seemed to stop. Everything that seemed so wrong, suddenly didn’t matter and everything was perfect. I woke up from whatever spell I was under and the curse broke.


This is the beginning of my real life fairy tale, keep tuned for more!


Keep calm,