Pause or Rewind? (Writing Prompt)

Sorry, I am a little behind on posting this week. So here’s just a little prompt I’m going to write to.

Prompt: If you could choose, would you have a pause or a rewind button?

Reliving moments would be amazing… but do I want to live everything over and over? Just because I can rewind does not mean I can fast forward back to the present… I wouldn’t like to relive every panic attack I had in between. I don’t want to relive ever bad moment or fight I’ve had. I don’t want to relive everything, though… those precious moments would be amazing to rewind and relive. I’ve learned from amazing shows like Doctor Who that changing the past, aka fixing any mistakes, isn’t good… so I think I would be too tempted and destroy the amazing life/future that is ahead of me.

A pause button would be great if it was just a pause in time… I would love to have all the time in the world to do whatever I needed or wanted to do… as long as I could share it with someone aka Zach. I mean, That would be amazing.
However, if it was just pausing in a moment , in a feeling (not pausing time)… it would be great at first but not in the end. I never get to move forward. I  think it would end up lonely and just not okay… especially if the play button was stuck off.


In the end, I wouldn’t choose either. This is a question that I feel like… if I could actually choose, everything would be wrong and all of the possibilities go wrong. So NEITHER

Which button would you choose?

Keep calm,


  • I think pause over rewind. If anything just to have a few moments to breathe and not worry about a single thing. A truly serene moment. That’s definitely something I could use!

    • Agreed! I think we ALL need a break sometimes… but I think I would end up using the pause to do other things… then my free time is just not there anymore…. Maybe pause for extra long naps …