Perfect gifts for Bloggers

Perfect Gifts For All Bloggers (That Will Actually Be Used)

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Any purchases made from those links allow me purchase and give books a home on my bookshelf. At no extra cost to you, using my link can give a warm home to a homeless book.

Hey Epic Geeks,

It’s my birthday month. I always stumble over my words and thoughts when someone asks “what do you want for your birthday?”. Because of that, I decided I’d make a mini-series of gifts that will work for any occasion. There is a variety in the price range, but I can assure you, they’re all extremely appreciated. Today’s topic is the gifts all bloggers will appreciate.

Part 1: Bloggers
Part 2: PC Gamers

If you’re looking for gifts to give someone who isn’t a blogger (or maybe for yourself), here are some of my other posts that might be helpful are 5 Bookcases I WantHarley Quinn POP! figuresDoctor Who Items I Want.

Web hosting (Recommendation: SiteGround)

My first year of blogging, I tried to go the cheapest route possible. I didn’t think web hosting really mattered. They’re all the same but with different names, right? WRONG. I ended up getting a great deal with them because they messed up in the live chat. I had a full year of hosting for under $30. That’s amazing.  Within that first year, I realized they had horrible customer service and my site was slow.

One year rolled later, I asked around about hosting and SiteGround was the one people I trusted used. They had past experiences with other hosters and SiteGround was their favorite.

I signed up with SiteGround and within the first day I was amazed. Their customer service is great. They help transfer your site, automatically update WordPress, and probably do many things I’m unaware of. I regret not using SiteGround my first year. They would have made it so much easier.

Siteground Packages
Prices as of 8/25/2017

Social Media Scheduling (Recommendation: CoSchedule)

When a blogger is trying to grow their community, they want to update them frequently. Scheduling social media is less stressful and less time consuming than attempting to do it on your own.

CoSchedule is simple to use and the more you work with it, the more you fall in love. You can recieve a free 14 trial and request for an additional week after that.

Sign up for a FREE 14 days

I love CoSchedule and definitely recommend it to any blogger.

Bullet Journal/PLanner

CoSchedule manages your blogs schedule but what manages your own?

I keep a bullet journal as do many other bloggers. Keeping a bullet journal can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be (I even started with a plain composition book!). Below is a list (and links) to all of the different items you could use for a bullet journal.

Basic items:

Grid/dot notebook ($14)
Fine-liner pens ($5)


Washi tape ($14; price varies by color/pattern and quantity)
Stencils ($7)
Post-it notes ($5)
Sticky note list dividers ($3)

Planner (not bullet journal) ($10)

Social Media Templates (Or Anything from Creative Market)

I personally make my own graphics but majority of bloggers I know either use social media templates or sell them. It will save any blogger time as well as help boost their blog!

One of many social media templates ($25)

If your blogger makes their own templates, you can find so many things on Creative Market such as icons, fonts, photos, and so much more.

Fonts (102 fonts for $19)
Themes ($35)

Email Marketing Subscription (Rec: MailChimp or ConvertKit)


Having an email subscriber base is essential to a successful blog. This is much easier when the blogger has a platform helping organize all of that. I personally use MailChimp which starts at free and can increase as your blogger needs grow.

I haven’t used ConvertKit but I have been recommended it by various bloggers.

There we have it; five perfect presents for bloggers. If you’re a blogger, what would you consider the perfect gift? Let me know in the comments below.

In the mean time, keep calm and stay epic,