Perspective is everything; Outcast (Story time)

This is going to be a mix of my love of perspective but also my passion for words. It’s also a story time, so hang on and enjoy.

Back in high school, I had an art class with Molly (over at Twenty Something Else). It was either Drawing I or Drawing II. I don’t quite remember… but I think it was Drawing II since we were given a lot of free reign at this point.

Everyone drew a word out of a container and their project had to represent that word. I drew a word… PARIAH … meaning “an outcast”. This identified with me so much. I have always felt like some sort of an outcast and continue to do so… but over time, I realized it wasn’t always a bad thing. I took this art project to spread that words to others, especially since I knew it was a different approach.

I don’t remember how long we had … but it the end of semester project, anything goes (medium, size of paper, everything but the prompt). This meant when everyone (across all people in the class at different times) had there project up on the wall. There were only X amount of words in the container, so there was possible overlap, including in the same class.

Now? I’m going to start telling the story backwards.

End of the project came and we all sat like over-grown Kindergartners around the wall of artwork. A lot of us were nervous, fore, we had to actually TALK about our artwork… and tell what our word was, why we did what we did… and so on. I don’t like talking in front of people especially then. My heart rate slowly increased as everyone went around.

I was still waiting my turn… and then a girl in our class who usually kept to herself… she was up. She seemed nervous, but her word was PARIAH, same as mine. Her picture was very dark… included slit wrists and blood and just sadness. This… this empowered me to talk about my own picture. I knew that I would be fine and all anxiety, for once in my life, was gone. I wanted this girl and everyone else who might have listened to know about my piece of art.

My turn was finally up… and I described my unexpected piece.

INSERT PICTURE HERE … I couldn’t find it so RAWR, I’ll upload as soon as possible… try to use your imagination. ):

What was your word? Pariah

What does it mean? Outcast

Talk about your piece. (which I’m going to give more information here than I did in angst)

Some of my anxiety came back… I’m talking in front of a group of people… that I’ve been around all year… and semester. I have this. I can do it.

I wanted to show that being an outcast isn’t always a bad thing. The trees in the back are all uniform and the same. They’re straight and have no extra branches, they are identical just like society shows we all should be. I wanted to show that even though you see yourself as an outcast, it can be great. You could be so much better than everyone else. The beauty that this tree… which is also bigger and across the stream… it so much better. The various colors on the bark, the various branches, the age since it’s bigger shows the age and wisdom…

Trees are symbols of strength and stability. The roots show you’re grounded. The identical trees are just identical and surviving off of each other. Where as the larger tree and growing with the flow (insert more river puns here) of life and thriving. living.


I could go on and on for a long while on this, but don’t beat yourself up if you’re an “outcast”. Being different isn’t a bad thing.

Perspective is everything. I also found it odd… that today, while writing this out. My Facebook gave me a memory. Exactly a year from today, I shared this and I thought it was perfect.Perspective is everything


When is a time that perspective has given you a better light of a situation? Why?

When was a time that perspective gave you darkness in a situation?

Just comment below! I would love to talk and see your answers!


Keep calm,