Pokemon GO: The Good, Bad, and UGLY (My Pokemon Adventure)

Pokemon GO recently released and don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the game. However, is it really all good?

Yes, my step count has increased. People are excited to get outside and move.  Mental health has even shown to improve in some.

But we’ve also seen increase in car accidents and  even robberies set up around Poke Stops.

There is the good and the bad… but what about the ugly?

Have you actually gone on a walk due to Pokemon GO (or since it’s release) and noticed everyone’s heads are just in the phones?

This is much more than the normal as well. I just went out on a walk down to the river tonight.

It was a hot summer night with a slight cool breeze. Sun was setting, leaving the sky slightly warm. I walked by a train car that is set up as a sign. It’s such a rustic neat site. Pokemon GO thought so too. Of course, I collected my various treats but also marveled at the art created from something that would’ve been scrapped.

I walked further over the grass. Where people would normally be playing with their kids or walking their dogs… they were all swarmed in clusters with their heads down. No one saw me except the few who looked up and glared as I smiled towards them. No one was actually moving. Everyone was just… sitting on their phones.Resized_20160712_200640

I walked down to the water and took in a deep breath. Have you ever smelled the air by water? It is so refreshing. I took in every little thing I could. The bridge to my right and even the music pavilion behind me. The water glittered in front of me. Nature was everywhere in its own little ways.

Mississippi River
Panorama I attempted to capture on my adventure


After taking in the nature and the wonderful world we live in, I glanced at my phone. I got my goodies from the PokeStop behind me and then caught two Pokemon on the water.


My reason for going out, just like many others’, was for PokemonGO… but I stayed for the glory of nature, not because there were pink leaves dancing around me.

I really hope others are getting the enjoyment from new adventures as much as I am. Please, take advantage of your adventures, not just the Pokemon.

Be safe on your Pokemon journeys.


Keep calm, stay epic,