Debut Author Samantha Heuwagen | Author Interview & Cover Reveal

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Today, I’m bringing you an interview with debut author Samantha Heuwagen. If you tuned in on Sunday, you know I did a live interview with her on YouTube. The video is down below but if you don’t have an hour to hear all of the juicy details she brought us, read the basic questions and answers here.

Spoiler alert: there are more details and conversation in the video! However, this interview is spoiler free in regards to the book. (:

Stay tuned until the end to see the official reveal of her cover for debut novel Dawn Among The Stars releasing May 2018!

I initially planned on getting this up last week. The interview with Samantha was going to be all pretty and transposed. Guess what didn’t happen? As you know from my life update, I’ve in the middle of a move and man was it stressful, busy, and exhausting. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that Samantha’s cover reveal was last week. If you haven’t seen it, look down below!

If you want to hear all of Samantha’s great answers, check out the live streamed interview.

Thanks for sticking around even though everything isn’t super pretty. Are you ready to see her cover?

Drum roll, please.

Dawn Among The Stars Samantha Heuwagen Cover

TA DA! What do you think? I cannot wait to read Dawn Among The Stars in 2018. It releases in May!
I hope you’ve had a great week.
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