September book wrap up

September Wrap Up | 2017

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Hey Epic Geeks,

September is over, WHAT? I don’t feel like I read much published work and I also didn’t finish any writing books. Boooo. I only fully finished two books and I hit my second DNF of the year.

What I read in September

Tower of Dawn

By no surprise of Sarah J Maas fans, I ended up reading Tower of Dawn in September. It is the 6th book in the Throne of Glass series. I really loved it, even though I had never been a Chaol fan. The journey and growth in the book was amazing and I’m glad it ended up being a novel, not a novella.

You can find my full review here. All of my reviews have a non-spoiler section and a hidden spoiler section.


I read 1984 by George Orwell during banned book week. I wanted to post a review to bring more awareness to banned books and the importance of your right to read.

1984 is a great classic I wish I picked up sooner. The novel is truely timeless and still relevant over 60 years later!

You can find my full review here. All of my reviews have a non-spoiler section and a hidden spoiler section.

Second book I didn’t finish this year

Anna and the French Kiss

I was interested in reading Anna and the French Kiss mainly because there was so much controversy surrounding it. I went in knowing there were some cheating aspects in the book. However, that wasn’t what I couldn’t finish it!

I was listening to the audiobook which I think was my first mistake. I love audiobooks but this one … was not my cup of tea. Anna is a very entitled, annoying character. I just couldn’t deal with the whiny, “only think about myself and boys” attitude. Though, I cannot guarantee if this developed and was better towards the end or not. I just couldn’t listen to it and stopped about 30 minutes into the audiobook. Maybe I’ll try to pick it up again later, but now is not the time.

I really hope this upcoming month will be better for my reading life, but honestly, I’m not too disappointed in myself. I managed to write a review for 2 of the 3 books I “read”. If I can read less but post more reviews, is that really a bad thing?

What did you read this month? Have you set down a book and marked it DNF?

In the mean time, keep calm and stay epic,