Show Us Your Pokeballs Gets Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey!

Since the Cedar Rapids Comic Con, I’ve been super supportive of the group Show Us Your Pokeballs (their Facebook page is here). I was really excited when I saw one of their next shows was “Show Us Your Pokeballs Get Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey”. Of course it was meant to be if one of their next shows was Doctor Who themed!

After the show, I stopped Nikki, who didn’t recognize me outside of cosplay. I got a picture of the two co-hosts, Nikki and Josh. It was great to see them again and we plan to go to their later shows as well.

Show Us Your Pokeballs’ co-hosts, Nikki and Josh

This is the first time Zach and I went to that part of our area. Usually, it has kind of a bad rep. We went specifically for Show Us Your Pokeballs. Honestly? We were impressed and plan to go out there more often. There was plenty of seating and also had a well stocked bar (with snacks!). The lighting and audio effects were done well, especially when it came to the “warning” for the comedians (naturally, a TARDIS).

We didn’t have any food, but Zach enjoyed his Crown and Pepsi (x2) especially since they were over poured. I enjoyed my water.

They did an amazing job writing the show’s script itself. It included Nikki being violent and stopping one of Josh’s two hearts… and a fake Dalek to scare his other heart into a heart attack. At the end, Josh did regenerate into what looks like the 4th doctor (see picture above). The first part of the show, Nikki was even dressed as Amy Pond.

However, for being a Doctor Who themed show, I was slightly disappointed that the comedians seemed to have very few or no Doctor Who related jokes. I think only two of the comedians (correct me if I’m wrong) actually made any Doctor Who jokes the rest just deleted them and upgraded to different jokes all together. However, Zach enjoyed that it wasn’t entirely Doctor Who themed since he hasn’t completely upgraded into a Whovian.

and don’t get me wrong, ever single act was great and I loved hearing all of them (especially the ukulele… I love musical comedy). The comedians were overall energetic, hilarious, and overall great people. Absolutely fantastic.

After the show, we talked to Nikki and Josh then tried to leave. However, we ended up stopping and talking to James, who cleverly tried to guess our names after overhearing us with Nikki. He guessed Zach’s but missed mine by majority of the letters. Sorry, I don’t look like a Kelsey. Dan also stopped (who was dressed as the 10th doctor in a very Castiel jacket) and we all talked about the show, our favorite comedians, and who knows what else.

Finally, we headed out to let them leave for their long drive home and our 5 minute drive home. We definitely are going to go back to see local comedians as well as other Show Us Your Pokeballs shows. I think we’ve also been talked into going to Anime Milwaukee in a couple weeks. See you there!


Edit: I completely forgot to mention it because we didn’t try it. The bar had a special drink for this event called TARDIS. Those who had it seemed to enjoy it though.