Show Us Your Pokeballs Goes To Hogwarts

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I went to an amazing show on Saturday night by the beloved group Show Us Your Pokeballs. You have heard me mention them many times before. The main times are below but I also have various times I’ve featured Nikki Gillette because she’s just one of my favorite people (and magical girls) ever.

Cedar Rapids Comic Con 2016

Show Us Your Pokeballs Gets Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey

Show Us Your Pokeballs (Improv and Show @ AMKE)

I Created Album Art For Nikki Gillette?

Show Us Your Pokeballs Comedy
Left to Right: Josh Kaun, Charles Taylor, Nikki Gillette, Ian Heaton, Gerald Bronson

Anyway, back on topic, hello. Saturday nights show was just amazing. The good ol’ crew went to Hogwarts and let’s just say, if they’re taking adults now, count me in! Especially if I get to be a sexy Slytherin like Nikki (or lounge around like Josh. Let’s be real here…). The show was a huge hit and sadly, I didn’t get a shot of the crowd, but let’s just say the place was more packed than the Great Hall at Hogwarts! The bar had two special drinks that were from Nikki and Josh’s houses; Slytherin (#slytherinpride) and Ravenclaw.

Josh Kaun
Josh Kaun doesn’t know the difference between a wand and a sonic screwdriver… I guess that’s why his patronus is a TARDIS.

Josh Kaun was a bit of a push over as always, but got his way and got to do his very own set since tonight was his last night with Show Us Your Pokeballs. But don’t worry, you can also see him hosting Bottoms Up Burlesque here in the Quad Cities and plenty of other things like Against the Odds (which just shot Episode 4!). Honestly, I’m not quite sure everything  he does because that man is always busy, and I mean always. He over all had a great set but I mean, come on Josh, really? Why so many puns? I have to cut him some slack though… he’s had a rough dating life… one chick he dated had two jobs… she was a dominatrix and a mime. She did unspeakable things to him. With that kind of past, I can’t blame him. (All credit goes to Josh Kaun, that was just my favorite pun of his set and had to be shared).

Also, Josh ended the night with amazing advice. Plenty of people reply to “how are you?” with “living the dream” including myself… Josh said, start saying “Living the fantasy” because I mean, that’s so much better! Josh, it’s been good having you with SUYP and I hope you continue doing well. And you better still support Nikki in all her wonderfulness. Good luck with everything! Great set!

Gerald Bronson

This was my first time seeing Gerald perform and I really wasn’t sure what to suspect. He hit so many comedy topics it was hard to keep up but definitely in a good way. He flowed one into another. Gerald is ironically from the place where my Show Us Your Pokeballs journey started … Cedar Rapids. Keep your comedy journey up! And good luck being the body builder in Josh’s zombie squad 😉 I feel really bad because my notes got cleared by accident half way through Charles Taylor’s act and therefore I cleared everything I had on Gerald and I don’t want to mess it up. Gah! It was a great performance though and I don’t know him well at all so I don’t know how much I can mess with him like Nikki, Josh, and Ian. Either way, great job!

Charles Taylor resize

Next up was Quad Cities’ Ray of Sunshine. As soon as you see him, you completely understand why… unless you here him talk about Slytherins. Asshole. I definitely give him props though. He read all seven books in the last month. Are you kidding me? I mean, I re-read them pretty quickly. But that is just amazing. He came up saying he was dressed as middle aged… divorced Harry Potter. Now that’s just sad. Poor guy. He had mainly a Harry Potter set overall which was pretty impressive for such a new fan, though he never really clarified whether or not he loved the series so I’m not quite sure if I can call him a fan. I can say that he is really misunderstood on Slytherin’s though and needs to go read A Geek Girl’s Guide’s post “Misconceptions of Slytherins“. We’re not all mean and evil and bullies. Ugh. Bully. ):


Ian Heaton trying to be cool in his knock-off Harry Potter glasses.
Ian Heaton trying to be cool in his knock-off Harry Potter glasses.

This is my third time seeing Ian perform, and let me tell ya, his act gets better and better eat time. First time was out in Cedar Rapids and then in Milwaukee. However, he is from here in the Quad Cities. He got up on stage with his Griffindor scarf and knock-off Harry Potter glasses. But like any Griffindor, he was Brave and had just 3 shots of Fireball whiskey rather than some silly special Slytherin or Ravenclaw drink from the bar. Fun fact, I had to take Ian’s drink away from him to even get a group shot. I might put up a blooper reel somewhere of him crying more than Draco. Anyway, his set was awesome. I mean, you can never have too many Tokens or books but you can have too many rattatas on Tinder. Great show, Ian. Keep it up. Ian has a lot of upcoming projects so please stay tuned because trust me, they’re always awesome!

Definitely not Ian Heaton's identical twin ... ... ...
Definitely not Ian Heaton’s identical twin … … …

This was my first time seeing Draco Malfoy do stand up. Well, to be fair, this was Draco’s first time doing stand up. He had a lot of puns dealing with his life being in the toilet due to work and stuff. All were Harry Potter series related obviously. It was hilarious. The script obviously wasn’t handed to him by Ian. Do you know who his father is??? He ran missed the group photo and also ran off stage. Sounds like Draco to me!

Who couldn't love her?
Who couldn’t love her?

Nikki is one of my favorite people ever so I’ll try to keep it short. The show was well written and played out. I loved all the bits in between and of course her sexy wand intro. Obviously, so did Josh and his sonic screw driver. You all missed her rap but if you are blessed with being my friend on snapchat, I shared some of it. She rocked it! The Yule Ball, that was great too. They got the entire Hogwarts experience in a few hours. I want whatever they’re smo-drinking because it looked like a blast! Go check Nikki Gillette’s Facebook page and website!

Nikki Gillette and Josh Kaun

Otherwise, a good friend of mine, Haidee (which I learned was actually pronounced HI-DEE, not HAY-DEE, Saturday night. I’m such a great friend. I didn’t even know how to pronounce her name.) came with me. Now, why this is so significant is because we’ve been talking for months (what seems like years) but we’ve never actually met even though we live maybe twenty minutes away (yay anxiety!). But Saturday night was great and I definitely think it will happen again.

Also on the bright side, I became a gym leader of the Circa 21 for a bit… Josh wasn’t too happy. He’s probably Valor or something. Go Figure.

Epicfied Gym Leader Circa 21


Overall though, the show was a complete blast. I enjoyed every second of it. Compared to the Doctor Who show this one was definitely theme heavy. Every comedian had Harry Potter stuff in there which was great but also had their own stuff. Overall the show was just a hilarious nerdy show which is such a great thing about Show Us Your Pokeballs. If you’re ever at their conventions, you should definitely check them out. I have a ton of picture from Saturday night. All of them will be posted throughout the next few weeks at Epicfy Me Photography: Show Us Your Pokeballs Goes To Hogwarts Album. I cannot way until the Walking Dead show in October! I guess that means I should actually watch it, huh?


Keep calm, stay epic,