Show Us Your Pokeballs (Improv and Show @ AMKE)

This past weekend was Anime Milwaukee (which full review will be up Thursday). Today, I’m going to focus on how amazing Show Us Your Pokeballs is. Last month, we met them at Cedar Rapids Comic Con and then went to their local show Show Us Your Pokeballs Gets Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey!. Both were amazing and since then, I’ve been in pretty good contact with them. We were going to go to Anime Milwaukee mainly for them. Nikki, the awesome host of Show Us Your Pokeballs, offered that we, Zach and I, stay with them if it was just us. Hell. Yes. Of Course. We were really stoked to stay with them and hang out with them all weekend. I was super nervous, but we set up a dinner last Monday and all of those nerves went away. First off, I’m super happy to have become such great friends with Nikki!

Saturday (Otaku’s Intro to Improv)

Saturday morning, Show Us Your Pokeballs hosted an Otaku’s Intro to Improv. It was super fun and I got a ton of pictures. You will see a few here but I sent Nikki the rest and you’ll have to go give them a like and see the rest of the pictures. Everyone had a complete blast with all of the different activities Nikki and Ian introduced to us.

This was the very beginning before the room filled up.
One of the activities, Bunny bunny bunny bunny bunny (Zach, Nikki, Ian)

I’m not usually one to participate but I even hopped in.

Nikki and Kayla (Harley quinn).jpg
Nikki and I (in cosplay)

Saturday Night (SUYPC Show)

Since we didn’t go to the ball Friday night as we originally planned, we all got dressed up in suits and dresses to go to the Show Us Your Pokeballs show.

Nikki, Ian, Anthony (Show Us Your Pokeballs)

They immediately got the cameras and audio set up, everyone pumped to go. It was such a pleasure for them to let us be a part of it, even if it was just helping hand out flyers, moving chairs, and laying out business cards. I loved that they just let us be a part of the show in general.

The show got packed immediately. So many people came in and I honestly think every chair was filled, if not all, most were.

Panorama SUYPC

Ian introduced Nikki as the host, and most amazing Magical Girl ever. Starting the show off with a song got everyone in the right mood.


Next up was Ian, who killed it with his bow tie better than the Doctor. He’s a great comedian who always knows how to bring his jokes back in a full circle. Too bad I can’t use arcade tokens to get into the next show!

Back to stage was Nikki, with another song about Nice Guys, which had everyone rolling. I seriously thought people were going to fall out of their chairs. You could see the crowd pointing at their fedora wearing friends. You could tell who they were as they hung their head nodding “Yeah… I do that…. fuck.”

Anthony took the stage with his ex-actor swagger (yes, I just used that term and I slightly hate myself for doing so). He is so energetic and uses the whole stage, constantly moving. Seriously, constantly.I barely got a picture that he’s not blurred. He ended his off with a monologue which was just well performed and absolutely hilarious.


To finish out the night, Nikki took the stage again to sing about Tumblr and the kind of guy she loves. Sorry, I won’t tell you what her type is because you have to go to a show to find out!

Show Us Your Pokeballs Merch

Okay, last but not least, I am absolutely in love with my Show Us Your Pokeballs sticker (actually I have two). One is on the back of my phone and the other is now on my computer.

Look how awesome it is! You can get your own over at

You can also get one of their awesome shirts (which you’ll often see the members of Show Us Your Pokeballs wearing them around cons)



Go like their Facebook and their Website.


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