Special mention to my new friend; Emy

EMY cover
Sign language “E M Y” and a heart. (:

About a week ago, I got a friend request on Facebook. I scanned the profile and didn’t see any red flags. I recognized the name, so I assumed the request was someone I saw on a Facebook group of bloggers. I went ahead and hit accept. Immediately, I got a message thanking me for adding her. She introduced herself and let’s just say, she’s a complete sweetheart.

Emy is an eighteen year old girl with two sisters. She is completely amazing and impresses me every time we talk.

She is so talented. He blog is completely in English. However, English isn’t her first or her second language. It’s actually her third language and she’s still learning! She also knows Arabic and French… I took 3 years of French and definitely couldn’t speak it as well as she can English!

Emy posts every single day. It’s quite astonishing. She even keeps a little sticky note of her upcoming post ideas.

You all should go see for yourself how amazing she is over at her blog. Her main goal is just to make new friends in this blogging journey!

Sometime this last week, I actually started speaking French with her. Which that experience was a great challenge for myself. I only took French for three years and I haven’t actually spoken it in about two years. I loved the experience!

I’m sorry for such a short post but I just wanted everyone to know how amazing my new friend is. Please go check her out. She’s amazingly talented!


Keep Calm,


(Edit;; she even started this awesome Q&A )