Story Time! I talk in my sleep?

Story Time!


One night, I was going to sleep and Zach was just sitting in bed playing a couple racing games on his phone. I was watching for a little bit but I needed sleep. I couldn’t remember if I had work the next day, but I’m pretty sure it was a weekend.

Since he had the sounds on, I was in and out of sleep quite a bit. Finally, I fell into a deep enough sleep that I actually started dreaming. I rolled over to put my arm around him and I got stuck… I kept saying “I got stuck in slide zero”, when in reality, it was my blanket. I was soooo upset that Zach didn’t know what I was talking about. “I am stuck in slide zero“. Of course, he just didn’t get it.

I woke enough to realize what I was saying. I was dreaming about PowerPoint or work or something. Now, on a daily basis, I work with the lovely program PowerPoint. Slide zero is usually the title page but if you delete that first page, content could become “slide zero” which can get really annoying when sending the PowerPoint to someone else because occasionally  your slide zero is their slide one.

Anyway, I then started apologizing because I just got mad at him for not knowing what I was talking about. It should’ve been obvious, I was stuck in slide zero. I had to explain the whole thing and he’s given me hell for it ever since.

Come on Babe, don’t you know? Slide Zero means blanket!