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Mental Health

My SSRI Journey (Depression / medication)

I’ve briefly mentioned different medications I’ve been on and where I am. However, I just wanted to go much more in depth to possibly help you all out in your possible journey. Sadly, I feel like I have to have a disclaimer. I am NOT a doctor. This is just my own personal knowledge and …

Mental Health

I’ve been in this funk lately

Today, I am just going to talk to you. I’ve been in this funk lately. I don’t know why. I have so much to do and overall I’m doing it… I love my job, but I feel stuck, I guess. I want to move forward or do something more towards psychology. I’m not considering leaving …

Mental Health

Depression doesn’t mean you can’t be happy

I want to stress this so much. Depression doesn’t mean you’re unhappy or sad. Yes, it can be a symptom… and yes, you could easily get depression due to something that happened… but it doesn’t always mean you are not happy… It doesn’t always mean you’re sad. I do apologize ahead of time that this …