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Happy Birthday Grandpa

Dear Grandpa, I miss you. So so much. I told Facebook that I couldn’t see my Aunt’s profile picture updates anymore because so frequently they got changed to you and I just can’t handle it at random. Today I didn’t realize why I was so down and why I was so off and then I …

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5 Gifts For The Non-Partying 21 Year Old

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Any purchases made from those links allow me purchase and give Funkos/books a home on my bookshelf. At no extra cost to you, using my link can give a warm home to a homeless Funko or book. Hey Epic Geeks, This week, I turned the big two-one and something I’ve …

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Why I dread family get-togethers (anxiety)

Next weekend is Easter weekend. My mom’s side of the family always gets together for Easter (ironically, the important holiday in our family). No matter what, we all get together for Easter, even if it’s a flight in or a 7 hour drive. My family, as you can tell by our choice holiday, isn’t exactly …