Therapy Goals | Therapy Diary Entry 02

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Mood: Good, I think

Monday night was my first therapy session and I think it went decently well. Definitely wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. I didn’t die, so that was good. My therapist was really nice and we didn’t clash. I think we’ll click nicely. I answered everything as honestly as I could even if I didn’t give as in depth answers as I could have …

We ended the session with “What are your goals? How do you know you’re done?” 


I didn’t know I’d ever be done … I mean, I went in with the mind set that it’s for everyone … Why would I ever be done … ? At that moment, I kind of felt … betrayed? I know she didn’t mean it that way and honestly, most people don’t want to be in therapy and most people want out as soon as possible. But for me, it almost felt like she was trying to get rid of me. Asking how do I get you out as soon as possible … but I know it was meant as a “How can I help you?”

Any way, I didn’t have an answer for her and so we decided that by my next appointment, which we set for the 21st, is to set long term goals and baby goals so we can see if I’m making progress.

Once I got home, I asked a couple people what goals I could even have. I just want to be better, whatever that means. My mind is just screaming “fix me”. I’ve figured out some goals that I’m going to bring to her and I figured I’d share with you. If you have any goals from therapy or any suggestions, please feel free to share with me. I’d love to know. <3

Therapy Goals

Emotionally independent (aka not dependent on Zach, medication, etc to calm me down)

  • Learn more coping skills for anxiety, depression, etc
  • Managing my emotions better
  • Communicating my emotions better

Become more trusting of others

Be more socially available (aka feeling like it’s okay to reach out to others?)

  • Bettering my relationships with people in general

Become more confident

  • Overcome shame
  • Better my self esteem

Identify more of my core problems (WHY I might be depressed, anxious, etc?)

To care less of what others think

Think less negatively

Overall to become more stable

  • Less panic/anxiety attacks
  • Less “down” days
  • More positive energy
  • Less stress
  • Balanced sleep (not too much, but not lack of)

Stop bad habits

  • Nail biting
  • Chewing on the inside of my mouth
  • Etc?

I’m really excited, and nervous, to move forward. My main goal is just to … get better … but really, what is better? Since my mind set is that everyone can benefit from therapy, then why would I be done? But then again, maybe I would just be done with her. I guess I could always out grow my therapist or for the time being. Who knows.

How do you perceive therapy? What are your therapy goals?


In the mean time, keep calm and stay epic,