This Is Where It Ends (Book Review)

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Welcome to my book review of “This Is Where It Ends” by Marieke Nijkamp.

I went into this book without reading the description (or the quote under the title) so I went in blind. Goodreads was having their Good Award 2016 and “This Is Where It Ends” was up for vote in the Young Adult Fiction category. I loved the cover and the name intrigued me, so I decided to read it. This book is controversial, so please know this when going in. It’s a heart wrenching 54 minutes about a school shooting.

I give “This Is Where It Ends” a 5 star rating. The author brought in several perspective including through Twitter chats and tweets. she did an amazing job. The entire flow of the book amazed me. The book is a quick read and I cannot believe she fit so many details in such a “short” amount of time. In a crisis, time feels like it stops and I think she did just that. There were times that I felt like the incident should have already been stopped and then I realized that the entire book was only 54 minutes long. She captured so much emotion in that 54 minutes and I believe she did it well, even though others thought it lacked. If anything, give the book a shot and let me know your opinions.


Let me know your thoughts on this heart wrenching book! I thought “This Is Where It Ends” was really emotional and devastating even though it can be seen as a controversial read.


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  • Sounds really intense!! I’m glad you loved it though, I’ll definitely have to check it out!

    • Thanks. This book is definitely intense. It’s a short read, but only takes place over 54 minutes. I highly suggest it as long as the subject doesn’t both you to read about.

  • It sounds like a good choice for reading (once I’m 100% relaxed)