Today … I’m asking of you …

Today, I have something a little different. I’m making many changes in upcoming months. One of these changes will be having to deal with Mental Health Monday.

I’m happy to announce (and tomorrow I’ll have even more announcements coming out) that I am going to be making a whole new blog just for mental health, body image, and similar topics.

What I’m asking of you

All I want to ask a few things of you… just reply in the comments.

  1. What would you like to see more of? (What’s your favorite sort of topics?)
  2. One post suggestion
  3. Any ideas for names for the new blog

I think these are all pretty simple things to do. I’ll even participate in my own questions.


My answers

  1. I would love to do more of body image posts.
  2. 5 pictures that make me feel beautiful (with my own spin)
  3. Allons-y Health-y (to keep a geeky spin, but also meaning “Let’s go healthy”)


Keep calm (or try to)


  • 1. Tips on general self-love.
    2. Best ways to start the day on the right foot.
    3. Not so Manic Mondays with Kayla Cox

    • Thanks for the answers! I love them. I definitely can see that being a name for regular posts, but not for the domain, a tad long. I love it know! haha <3

  • 1. More of:
    -Tips on mental wellness – things we can do to facilitate recovery and things we can do to stay mentally well.
    – Yes – do post on body image.

    2. Post suggestion: In addition to posts about body image from the perspective of young women, perhaps look into and share with us how body image changes as we age: some women become more confident and at peace with their bodies, while others feel even worse than when they were young. {At 49, I being the latter.}

    3. Don’t have any suggestions of the top of my head.

    • Thank you so much for the suggestions. I love the ideas.
      Personal experience, I’m 20, but I already know changes from being a teenager to an adult the changes.
      Also, before and after eating is a big one people don’t understand.

      Thank you again! Such great suggestions!

  • One of the biggest contributors to many body image issues come from the media we consume: music, tv, literature, online, etc. I would be curious to see what your take is and how we can work toward creating a healthier and happier perspective.

    I always enjoy a role model presentation. Who inspires your either inside or outside geek parameters.

    Naming the blog should really be your decision because it is your journey. I’d be willing to help bounce names around with you, but it should come from within as that is where you will draw your inspiration and focus your attention.

    • Thank you so much for the suggestion. I love talking about the media, not only on the body image stand point but also on the inducing panic, misconceptions on mental health, etc etc etc. I never even thought about writing about it though. So thank you!

      Role model presentation? Do you mean talking about who is a role model to me? Why, etc.

      Exactly, I by no means am meaning taking a name from you all, but I would love to hear different ideas, inspiration of a sort.

  • I love the name you came up with! And I’d like to see posts about educating people regarding what it’s really like to suffer from mental health issues and diseases.

    • I can’t believe so many people like that. I didn’t think about it until I was writing the post, honestly.

      I can definitely do that, though, it’s difficult sometimes to write some of that as I break through and struggle with it myself.
      Any specifics you’d like?

  • How about “Today…I’m Asking of You” and at the end of each post ask a question in order for increased engaging conversation!

    • What sort of questions would YOU feel compelled to engaged in? I want to ask things and say things people WANT to talk about. (:

      • You could talk about what you do mindfully. Then ask “what mindfulness activities do you do to cope with stressors?”
        Do you fall asleep easy? What strategies do you use to get to sleep?
        Do you have an emergency plan in place?
        Frustrating experiences with meds and weight gain and other side effects.
        Do you have companion animals? What do they do for you?

        • Thank you! Those are such great questions! (:
          I appreciate the support and definitely the feedback <3