Today … I’m asking of you …

Today, I have something a little different. I’m making many changes in upcoming months. One of these changes will be having to deal with Mental Health Monday.

I’m happy to announce (and tomorrow I’ll have even more announcements coming out) that I am going to be making a whole new blog just for mental health, body image, and similar topics.

What I’m asking of you

All I want to ask a few¬†things of you… just reply in the comments.

  1. What would you like to see more of? (What’s your favorite sort of topics?)
  2. One post suggestion
  3. Any ideas for names for the new blog

I think these are all pretty simple things to do. I’ll even participate in my own questions.


My answers

  1. I would love to do more of body image posts.
  2. 5 pictures that make me feel beautiful (with my own spin)
  3. Allons-y Health-y (to keep a geeky spin, but also meaning “Let’s go healthy”)


Keep calm (or try to)