Top 5 Wednesday: Book Trends You’re Tired Of

Hey Epic Geeks,

I am hopefully going to be more active in the Goodreads Group “Top 5 Wednesday”. This is a group that every Wednesday you name the top 5 books (or TV shows) that fit into the category. I loved this because it helps prompt you for a blog post or YouTube Video! This week’s topic is “Book Trends You’re Tired Of”. Make sure you let me know down below what book trends you are tired of.

Underdeveloped characters is easy to do when you’re writing, but I really hate it. I want to read about a great main character and side characters. I don’t want to see how the main protagonist is oh-so-amazing when everyone else it so much worse. I want to see everyone being “powerful” in their own ways, but they also need flaws! Underdeveloped characters just show a lack of attention to detail. This is a major trend in YA, but it’s also in other genres.

My number 4 goes with number 5. I hate meaningless characters. These characters are the characters that the author just didn’t want to edit out. They realized that the character wasn’t worth it and just kill them off. However, the character usually is underdeveloped and the death doesn’t actually have meaning or an impact on the book. When you realize you don’t need a character, don’t just kill them off, edit them out. YES, this takes a ton of time, but this is actually a tip that I found from YouTube. If I find the video again, I’ll link it here.

One that I had to include somewhere is romanticizing abusive relationships. This is way too common in YA. I cannot stand romanticizing physical or emotionally abusive relationships. One that was popular among many ages was Twilight. Edward and Bella matched every sign of an abusive relationship. I think it can be very dangerous for younger readers (and any other age range) to see this, especially if they don’t know any better.

Number 2 on trope I hate is the lack of diversity in many books. This year I am trying to read more own voice books, which are diverse books that are written by an author who has actually experienced what a character in the book has experienced. I plan on going much more in depth in a blog post about own voice books. I really hate the lack of diversity in characters and experiences in so many books. I love diversity in characters. Stop many everyone the same.

The number 1 on this list is …. insta-loveI cannot stand insta-love. Occasionally this can happen in real life, however, you normally don’t act on it immediately. I really hate how many books have insta-love rather than depicting how falling in love usually happen. Of Fire and Stars is a great example of a book that doesn’t have insta-love. You see the main characters fall in love slowly over time. I loved all of the small tid-bits you could pick up on each side. Honestly, not having insta-love in a book makes you fall more in love with the book.


Do you dislike any of these trends in books? What are your top 5? I’m really curious because sadly, there are too many trends to hate. I’m trying to write a novel at the moment and I will be trying to avoid any of these tropes!


Keep calm and stay epic,