Top 5 Wednesday: Books to Get You Out of a Reading Slump

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Hey Epic Geeks,

This week I bring to you another Top 5 Wednesday. This week’s topic is “Books to Get You Out of a Reading Slump”. Reading slumps are horrible to get out of and February has been a pretty bad reading slump for me, so I should probably take my own advice here.

Trashy YA almost always gets me out of a reading slump. Trashy YA isn’t necessarily amazingly written and it doesn’t necessarily have the best plot, but you just can’t put it down. You don’t have to think too much and you just read. There are plot holes and overall the books aren’t top notch like Sarah J Maas or Leigh Bardugo, but they get you out of reading slumps like no tomorrow. One great example of Trashy YA is The Selection series by Kiera Cass.

Contemporary novels are usually a nice, easy, quick read for me. Colleen Hoover is a contemporary author that always gets me out of a reading slump. I haven’t read all of her novels but two of my favorites are November 9 and Confess.

Read-a-thons are also an amazing way to get out of a reading slump. I know this isn’t a “book” but it’s a way to get out of a reading slump, so I’m counting it. SORRY!

There is so much motivation throughout social media and YouTube. As you can tell by my January Wrap up, I read a lot by doing a couple different read-a-thons. You can find them by YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, and even a simple Google search. If there’s not one going on, make one up with your friends!

I haven’t read my number two in a while but it’s actually soon to come to Netflix in an original series and I’m super excited. This book is Thirteen Reasons WhyThe first time I read this book was my freshman year of high school and I’ve read it … I don’t know how many times since. I don’t know if my feelings about the book would change now since it’s been a few years since my last re-read … but it’s always gotten me out of reading slumps before and it’s very touching. It brings the meaning of “every little thing matters”. Every decision you make matters.

My number one book to get out of a reading slump is actually a series. Of course, it’s the Harry Potter series. You can pick up your favorite book or you can re-read the series. I love Harry Potter and it’s so refreshing. I love to re-read the series about once a year. If you’re not a huge Harry Potter fan, just do this with your favorite series overall.


What book always gets you out of a reading slump? Why? Let me know in the comments below. I love hearing from you all!


In the meantime, keep calm and stay epic!