Tower of Dawn | Book Review

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I read all of Sarah J Maas’s books back to back which led to a lot of Maas content on my blog. However, I fell behind on the reviews because lines were blurred and I just didn’t take enough notes. Today, I have a review of her newest book, Tower of Dawn.

Tower of Dawn came out in September and let’s just say I’m a little obsessed. This is the sixth book in her Throne of Glass series. Tower of Dawn is in the set directly after Queen of Shadows in the same timeline as Empire of Storms.

Non-spoiler review

Tower of Dawn just kept getting better and better. I loved every second of the emotional roller coaster Maas put me on.  I definitely give Tower of Dawn a 5 star review!

Before this point, I was not a fan of Chaol, but I have to admit, this book was a complete redemption. Please do not avoid this book just because of Chaol! There is an introduction to some amazing characters. Important information is revealed. If you need motivation to read it, the epilogue is named “Fireheart”.

Other than that, I cannot say too much in case you’ve not read the rest of the series. I do have a review of book 1: Throne of Glass and hope to be finishing up reviewing the rest soon!

Spoiler review

Have you read Tower of Dawn? What did you think? Please be conscious of spoilers for anyone who haven’t read.

Thanks for tuning in everyone. I cannot wait to hear what your thoughts on Tower of Dawn are and as always, feel free to leave recommendations or questions below!

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