Welcome to Epicfied 2.0

What is a better post for today than to introduce my amazing new blog? Looks aren’t very different, as you can see, but I will be slowly updating them.

I now have my own domain and I’m even self hosted. So please, bare with me through all of the changes and choppy waters.

Today’s post is super super short because to be honest, I’m really swamped with trying to make this work. So please, forgive me!

However, still look forward to an amazing week of posts… I would’ve had a better post for today… but I was kind of… well.. uhh… locked out.

I forget the giant randomized password and apparently so did my computer.

So here we are! Late evening, about to make dinner, and publishing a boring, short post introducing a blog that pretty much is summed up in this sentence.




Keep Calm,