Writing Tools NaNoWriMo Edition

My Writing Tools | NaNoWriMo Edition

Hey Epic Geeks!

For anyone you that have been keeping up, you know that this month is National Novel Writing Month, also known as NaNoWriMo. I’ve released a freebie weekly calendar to plan out your sprints (found here) but that’s not what today’s post is about. Today is all about my writing tools. What do I use? How do I use them? What are my must haves?

Writing Program

Personally, I use Google Docs for my writing program. It’s the most accessible to me on any platform. I can also share it with people if I want feedback and much more. It’s basically a portable Microsoft Word (and you can also edit Word Docs in there!).

I’ve used Scrivner before and it’s not horrible, but honestly, too complicated for me to just jump in and use it. There are a ton of great YouTube videos out there to help out though.

Word Count

Hannah from Between the Lines Editorial introduced to me Pacemaker. This site allows you to completely customize your word goals and separate by project. I love all of the features it has. Just keep in mind, the free version only allows two projects at once, which is normally fine by me.

Another tool, since it’s NaNoWriMo season is just the NaNoWriMo site (go add me as a buddy).


I love listening to music while I write. This year, I fell in love with making my own playlists on Spotify¬†(because of Leah’s Patreon). They literally have everything and their automated lists are still custom made (by people who work there, go check out some interviews with them).

I’m also a fan of just tossing my music player on shuffle.

Word sprint Timer

I am an avid¬†user of timers for word sprints. If you don’t know what word sprints are, they are short bursts of time that you just write, write, write. You tell yourself you have X amount of time to write as much as you can and just GO. For this, I don’t use anything special. I literally type “timer” into Google and one pops up. Sorry for not having anything fancy.

However, if you want to keep up with my word sprints, I usually announce when and my progress on Twitter!

That’s about all I use for writing. All you need is a pen and paper (or computer and keyboard). Get to it and enjoy NaNoWriMo!

Keep calm and stay epic,